At Inkulu African Safaris we offer the following weapon options: Rifle Hunting, Black Powder rifle hunting and Bow/Crossbow hunting.
Rifle hunting remains the most popular form of hunting on offer. We offer our clients a variety of weapons of various calibers from world renown producers such as Blaser, Remington and Ferlach. We leave before sunrise or in the late afternoon in a fully rigged hunting vehicle to search for suitable trophies. When a suitable trophy is spotted, the hunting party will leave the vehicle behind and our professional hunters and trackers will guide you to the most suitable position to take a clear shot. We recommended picking a rifle you are completely familiar with and comfortable shooting.

Rifles we offer include:

  • .416 Rigby CZ 550 no scope
  • .375 Holand and Holand CZ 550 Leopold VX3 1.5 – 5 x 20
  • .375 Holand and Holand Remington 700 Leopold VX2 3 – 9 x 50
  • .300 Win Mag Weatherby Vanguard Leopold VX3 6.5 – 20 x 40
  • .7mm Rem Mag Weatherby Vanguard Leopold VX2 3 – 9 x 50
  • .308 Win Weatherby Vanguard Leopold VX2 4 – 12 x 50
  • Shotgun 12 bore Zabala O/U
  • .223 Remington 700 SPS Tactical
  • .243 CZ 550 Lux Bolt Action Rifle
  • Blaser 7X64 Barrel
  • Blaser 9.3X62 Barrel
  • Blaser 458LOTT Safari
  • Blaser 300WIN Barrel

Optical aids we offer include:

  • RIFLESCOPES: Burris laser scope – a telescope with a laser range finder which measures the distance and illuminates aiming point.
  • NIGHT VISION RIFLESCOPE: Pulsar 870 – a sophisticated scope using long range IR illuminators to see in total darkness (range approximately 300 – 400 meters). Apart from other hi-tech features, this scope also has an integrated laser range finder for a better orientation (range 400 meters).
  • THERMAL VISION RIFLESCOPE: Apex 50 – It has a detection range of approximately 1,5 km. It works by measuring thermal differences, with three operating modes, each designed to deliver the best possible image in specific viewing conditions. Ideal for night hunting or day hunting in low-light conditions, tall grass or dense forest.
  • OBSERVATION USING THERMOVISION: It is used to track the animal during low-light conditions or at night. Aimed object must be at least partially uncovered (gap between grass or bushes, leaves etc.).

When you choose black powder rifle hunting, you will get a replica of a historical black powder rifle to hunt with. The ballistics of this rifle limits the hunter to a close shot. With a black powder rifle one has to get within a 50m range from the specie to have an accurate shot.

Inkulu African Safaris is experienced in bow and crossbow hunting and our professional hunters and trackers will coach you through the veld to ensure you have a successful hunt. We offer walk and stalk hunting for all species including the Big Five. We will use hunting vehicles to locate the animal and then hike into a 40m radius from it to take the shot. Most bow/crossbow shots will be taken from 20 meters or less.

Compound Bows we offer include:

  • Hoyt Carbon element G3
  • Hoyt Spyder thirty
  • Craze Junior

Any questions you may have with regards to firearms usage, caliber, terrain, animals and so on, our professional hunting team will gladly answer all.