Travel Information

Unsure of what to pack or what documentation you’ll need for your unique African experience with Inkulu African Safaris? There are many lists and resources but it may lead to over-packing. Here is our basic guide for you to use so you don’t go over your international flight luggage allowance.

Clothing for our Climate

Inkulu African Safaris is situated in the malaria free Eastern Cape of South Africa. To make the most of your African safari experience we recommend packing comfortable light clothing – preferably cotton. Avoid non-neutral colors such as white as it makes you highly visible to animals.

South Africa has a moderately hot climate however the nights do get cold so warm trousers, light sweaters and a waterproof jacket are also essential. Other essentials we recommend you include:

  • Sun Protection (Hat, Sunglasses and Sunblock)
  • Electricity converter plug (220V) and socket adapter
  • Insect Repellent
  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Personal Medical Prescriptions and Lip Balm

Medical Precautions

While our concession spreads over 20 000 hectares of untouched African wilderness we will ensure to have well equipped, first-world medical facilities in close proximity to all our camps and hunting areas.

As Inkulu African Safaris is in malaria free zone, so no malaria prophylactics are needed. However we do suggest that comprehensive medical cover is taken when coming on safaris in South Africa. Hepatitis A and B and Tetanus shots can be taken if you wish so but are not mandatory.

Travel Documentation

You are advised to find out whether you need a tourist visa to South Africa and make all necessary arrangements. Inkulu African Safaris has a number of various weapons available to you allowing you to save the time needed for relevant weapon documentation needed by South African Customs. However should you choose to bring your own weapons do keep the following in mind:

Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes, need to fill in a SAP 520 Temporary Import Application which can be downloaded off the SAPS website at There is an excellent hunter’s support group who assists with all the necessary paperwork and apply on your behalf for a pre-authorised firearm permits (which cuts down time spent queuing at Johannesburg International Airport). They also provide a meet and greet service and are on hand to assist you at Johannesburg Airport. Their website can be viewed at

While we do take the safety of yourself and your possessions very seriously, we do not accept liability due to loss or damage. For that reason we suggest you take out travel insurance prior to your trip to South Africa.