The Hunting Experience

At Inkulu African Safaris you will hunt in the company of a qualified and well-experienced Professional hunter and a trained tracker who will ensure stalking and successful harvest of the selected trophies. On their shoulders is placed the responsibility for your well-being, safety and satisfaction. When a suitable trophy is spotted, the hunting party will leave the vehicle behind and our professional hunters and trackers will guide you to the most suitable position to take a clear shot. Our Professional hunters will ensure that they adhere to the highest ethics, allowing for a fair chase at all times.


 A Typical Hunting Day at Inkulu African Safaris

 Begins just before the sun sheds its first rays. Enjoy a cup of coffee and small snack before setting out on your hunt. The morning hunt will generally run until around 11:00, at which time we return to the lodge for brunch (a full meal which is a combination of breakfast and lunch). After brunch, relax at the lodge – take a dip in the pool or just relish your surroundings. Your hunt is resumed at about 14:30 and will typically continue until sunset.

We at Inkulu African Safaris respect our environment and also all animals and that is why we believe in fair chase and ethical hunting. Hunting is done by method of spot and stalk, thus making it fair to the animals and also makes it very rewarding after a long successful day of hunting. We know that we have a responsibility towards nature to do selective culling by hunting animals that are mature to make room for younger animals to prosper. We hunt in expansive areas and do not hunt in small camps and we only use experienced and professional staff to accompany clients on hunting safaris. We use all hunted animals’ products responsibly.

Our primary focus is on ensuring that you take the trophies which are included in your safari package. We have a partnership with a taxidermist who guarantees that for a reasonable price and based on your requirements your trophy will be transformed into a piece of art that will remind you forever of the incredible experience you had in Africa.



Observers are welcome to accompany the hunters on safari or relax in the pool area. Should the observers in your group be interested in visiting some of the highlights in the area while the hunters are in the field, this can be arranged at an additional charge. On a typical safari, observers normally prefer to accompany hunters, which does not incur any additional charges.