Location, Fauna & Flora

The location of Inkulu African Safaris and the natural bio-diversity of the reserve creates a superb hunting ground with more than 50 species of game, including the Big Five, guaranteed to provide you with a perfect and unforgettable hunting experience. This biosphere has a variety of species to offer a unique hunting experience making it a hunter’s paradise.

Our private game reserve is located in the heart of the Karoo wilderness. Karoo in the language of the Khoisan people means land of thirst, vast, arid, unforgiving and yet so awesome and dazzlingly beautiful.

North of the Klein Winterhoek mountains, in the plains of the Camdeboo, the small Karoo town of Jansenville can be found. Drive 30 minutes from here and you are in the heart of our prime hunting land. The Noorsveld, where our lodge is situated, is known for its interesting vegetation which includes Spekboom, grassy plateaus, Acacia thickets and shrublands. Nearly half of the plants are found nowhere else. Many species of Aloes that grow here have medicinal properties. The most known and used for about 2000 years is the Aloe vera, but Aloe ferox has even more concentrated active medicinal compounds.  Our location not only has spectacular flowers but a wide variety of habitats and magnificent scenery – a definite must see for indigenous flower lovers! Wildlife is also abundant in the Karoo and a wide variety of mammal, bird and reptile species have their home here.

The rain, brought by the humid sea winds, goes down over the weather side of the mountain slopes, so that the lee side stays basically dry. Therefore, the endless grassland of the Karoo gets as little as 400 mm of rain annually, which falls mainly in summer. The winter months are almost completely dry. Temperatures in summer are usually bearable and a pleasant wind cools you after a hot day.  During the day, it is nicely warm and sunny, and at night it gets cool enough for a good sleep.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty of the African bush – wide-open spaces, clean air and a night-sky so dark that the Milky Way seems like a city of stars. Do not worry about setting an alarm as the rising sun or the ambient sounds of the African bush are sure to wake you up after a fantastic night of sleep.