Hunting Overview


Big Five Hunting

We are proud that we can offer you the opportunity to hunt 3 of the Big Five right at Inkulu African Safaris: Lion, Buffalo and Rhino. We can offer very interesting sizes of trophies the hunting of which is a lifetime experience. On our offer you can also find an amazing Big Five Elite Package with animals which you can hunt for the lowest possible prices on a single farm in South Africa.

Hunting the rest of the Big Five, elephant and leopard, as well as other Big Game like hippo and crocodile we can arrange for you at our partner farm.

Exotic and rare hunting

We are one of just few farms offering hunting of exotic and rare species such as Arabian oryx, scimitar oryx, Barbary sheep and colour variants such as black impala, yellow blesbok, white blesbok, golden oryx and painted oryx.

Plains Game Hunting

Plains game hunting is conducted in a variety of geographical areas which can vary widely in climate, vegetation, and topography. The hunting terrain can range from densely wooded savanna to wide open grasslands. Our big herds of animals which we have on the farm enable hunters to choose their animals as regards the size of trophy, shooting distance and variety of hunted animals. You can find 5 species of long-horned antelopes at Inkulu African Safaris.

Caracal Hunting

Hunting a caracal is considered to be one of the most challenging experiences a hunter can undertake. Caracals are fast and elusive which makes them a difficult animal to find and hunt. The hunting party will leave before sunrise or late afternoon and with the help of a pack of trained hunting dogs the caracal can be flushed from its hiding place to ensure a successful shot.

Bushpig Hunting

We are proud to offer Bushpig hunting at Inkulu African Safaris. Hunting a Bushpig is an adrenalin fueled sport, as Bushpigs are known for their speed and agility. Hunting dogs are used to flush the pigs from their hiding place and the hunter needs to move quickly to take the shot in order to protect the dogs as they can easily be injured or killed by the wild pig.

Bird Shooting

We offer Guinea fowl hunting on the reserve and we have access to an area abundant in Egyptian Geese within an hour of drive from our lodge. All bird shooting is done with an experienced Professional hunter at your side to guide you through the process.