1. Visitors bringing firearms into South Africa for hunting purposes, need to fill in a SAP 520 Temporary Import Application which can be downloaded off the SAPS website at There is an excelent hunter´s support group who assisted with all the necessary paperwork and apply on your behalf for a pre-authorized firearm permits (which cuts down time spent queuing at Johannesburg International Airport). They also provide a meet and greet service and are on hand to assist you at Johannesburg Airport. Their website can be viewed at
  2. No more than one firearm per caliber and 200 rounds per firearm will be permitted. No ammunition for other rifle calibers will be permitted.
  3. Prohibited firearms which may NOT be imported into South Africa include:
    • Any fully automatic weapon
    • Any semi-automatic weapon
    • Handgun/s for self-defense
    • Weapons which fall under millitary categories
  4. No person under the age of 21 may apply for a Temporary Import of Firearm.
  5. You are advised to find out whether you need a tourist visa to South Africa and make all necessary arrangements.
  6. Inkulu African Safaris is located in a malaria free area, but we suggest you contact your local health department for their suggestions.
  7. You are advised to take out your own medical, travel insurance and cancellation cover.
  8. Prime hunting months are March thru October.
  9. Generally speaking the earlier in the season you hunt the more leaves will be on the trees. This makes it somewhat more difficult for you to see the animals, but conversely makes it easier for you to stalk into shooting range. The later in the season that you hunt the hotter and drier it will be.
  10. All hunts are undertaken on a walk-and-stalk basis. No shooting from the vehicle will be allowed.



  • A 100 % of accommodation, 100 % of daily fee or 50 % deposit of the Hunting package is required to confirm booking.
  • Payment methods: EFT, credit card or cash.
  • The balance is payable on completion of the hunting safari at the latest. Interest will be charged on outstanding accounts if not settled within 7 days after delivery of the invoice.
  • No refunds are allowed for late arrivals or early departures.
  • Trophy fees will be charged as per current valid price list. Each trophy in price list means an adult male.
  • All wounded animals are classified as trophy animals. Bow hunters to make their own judgement. The trophy fees for the animals that are killed or wounded are paid on completion of the safari.
  • Trophy fees are exempt from government VAT as they are an export item. For all wounded and lost animals, 15 % government VAT will be charged. The meat from animals shot during a hunting safari is the property of Inkulu African Safaris.

Before commencement of the hunt, clients are required to complete and sign an indemnity form.

Inkulu African Safaris accepts no responsibility for illness, injury, accident, claim or loss of whatsoever incurred during or after hunt or for any expense from such illness, accident or loss.


  • If cancelled 180 days or more prior to the commencement of the hunt, 90 % of the deposit paid will be returned.
  • If cancelled 90 – 179 days prior to commencement of the hunt, the client will be eligible to 50 % of the deposit paid.
  • If cancelled 0 – 89 days prior to commencement of the hunt, clients will forfeit the total deposit paid.
Please note: Inkulu African Safaris reserves the right to alter terms and prices without prior notice should there be any changes in exchange rate, governmental fees and taxes or any other circumstance beyond our control. Please make sure to have an updated price list on the day of your booking.