Bow Hunting

Inkulu African Safaris has a longstanding history with bow and crossbow hunting.

At Inkulu African Safaris we offer a shooting range with various targets, normal and life size animal targets to practise on and make you comfortable to take that perfect shot when the opportunity arises.

Bow hunting in South Africa can be extremely challenging and rewarding. We offer bow hunting safaris for all of the plains game species on our price list. As well as some dangerous game. Our professional hunters and trackers will guide you through the veldt to make sure you have a successful hunt. At Inkulu we have a whole area on the property that is dedicated to bow hunting with comfortable elevated and pit blinds where you can wait for the shot of a lifetime, when spot and stalk hunting is done, a hunting vehicle will be used to locate the desired trophy and then our Professional hunter will guide you to stalk the animal to within a shootable distance to take the shot. The thrill of this ancient sport is unparalleled and infuses your entire body.

Bows & draw weights

The three types of bows which are legally permitted in South Africa are the compound, re-curve and longbow, with the compound bow being the choice of most international sportsmen who pursue the game of South Africa with a bow. A minimum draw weight of 50 lbs is required for plains game hunting. It is, however, recommended to use a bow of 60 lbs to 80 lbs when hunting plains game. The minimum draw weight permissible by law when hunting dangerous game is 95 lbs.

It is of course very important that the hunter be comfortable with the equipment being used and that time is spent on the practice range honing your skills before commencing the safari. This normally makes the difference between a well-placed shot and a day spent tracking a wounded animal.


Of the three main types of broadheads, namely fixed blades, removable blades and mechanical expandable blades, our experience and preference favors fixed blades, for these have proven to be most effective in our experience of pursuing African game. This is sure to be somewhat controversial as each hunter probably has his or her own preference.


No legal documents are required when importing a bow into South Africa.