Around the Camp Fire

Once we had Sean Scott settled into camp, we spent the day sighting in rifles and showing Sean the property. Shooting a big trophy Kudu bull was at the top of his bucket list and we spent time in the bush to bag Sean’s Kudu bull. An avid hunter from England, Sean knew his way around the veldt. We told stories around the camp fire in the evenings till late at night.

Kudus are tricky to spot in the dense thickets of the Valley Bushveld here at Addo and from the first day we started covering land and stopping at each vantage point to search the land for a good Kudu, but we had no luck. We took a break at midday and decided to head out again in the late afternoon.

Hiking through an area where we do not often hunt, we spotted a group of young bulls but nothing of interest. We passed them and headed back to camp, as twilight was catching up on us! We made one last turn back to the valley to make double sure we didn’t miss something and as soon as we came over the hill, the experienced Professional hunter spotted a Kudu bull standing on an open grass patch, surrounded by younger bulls.

I said to Sean: “That’s your Kudu!” We stalked the Kudu, got into shooting range and set the shooting sticks up just in time to make the shot before the Kudu disappeared into the bush. Sean shot the Kudu and there was much exuberance as we took photos of his trophy animal. We were lucky to have found and hunted such a majestic animal.